Water Jet Loom First Make in India


SD-822 series water jet loom is based on original 622 series but integrated with all the advantages of the 408 series. Re-optimized design and thickened frame improved the machine’s reliability, production efficiency and enlarged the weaving range.

  • Width : 150-380 cm
  • Adopt thicken frame
  • Shedding : Plain, Cam Motion or Dobby
  • Non-power, energy saving blower
  • SD-822 series water jet loom parameter is according to or higher than “Water Jet Loom Industry Standard” FZ/T 94054-2009
  • Power Saving Mechanism


SD-8100 series water jet loom is integrated with new technology and the advanced loom concept. It has further improved and innovated existing technological conditions. SD-8100 series make new breakthrough on production ability, cost savings, environmental protection and energy savings through new frame and rocking structure and weft insertion system. SD-8100 series water jet looms are more stable and efficient to adapt to the continuously expanding textile field and requirements of the market.

  • Eccentric rocking shaft: Reduces beating vibration in running, increases stability, better loom weaving efficiency for fine denier and high-density fabric
  • New frame structure: Frame height reduced 20mm, lowering the looms’ center of gravity which in turn leads to reduced vibration and improved stability; Also leads to better operating convenience; Four stay bars in frame increases longitudinal support and reduces the loss of spare parts; Again, this helps improve frame stability and overall production efficiency of the loom
  • Adopts redesigned and enhanced shedding structure that improves rigidity and stability of the shedding
  • Adopts new loom control system and an efficient, energy saving motor, which in comparison to traditional machines, reduces efficiency loss and saves more energy
  • SD-8100 series water jet loom parameter is according to or higher than “Water Jet Loom Industry Standard” FZ/T 94054-2009
Particulars Specification of water Jet Looms
Reed Width In CM 150, 170, 190, 210,230,260,280
Electric Power (KW) 1.5 Kw, 150 Cm to 190 Cm, 2.8 Kw, 210 Cm to 280Cm
Water Adsorption Fan Non-Powered (On right Side)
Control Panel Brand: Xinlio, Shane
Feeder Shane (SHJ-P) or Xinlio (XL-35)
Yearn Gripper Electronic
Reed Holder Stainless Steel
Slider Holder Stainless Steel
CVT Shimpo (Japan)
Nozzle Model: (2 pc) MDH (60*20) Korea (45*20)
Plunger Model: 39*28 (1 pc) MDH
Pump Spring Awa, Japan
Shedding Crank type plain tappet, Cam Shedding Niupai Model, Doby Motion Niupai Model
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