Terry Towel Rapier Loom

The Terry Towel Rapier Loom is used in textile industries for weaving different kinds of towel fabrics using cotton thread. Unlike other shuttle loom machines, these rapier loom machines have improved speed and reduced noise while operation.

Reed Width 180 cm, 190 cm, 210 cm, 280 cm
Crank Speed 180-200 r/min
Fuzzing form Active metal reed fuzzing form
Fuzzing height 0-10mm, adjust with no space
Weft Selection 8 Colors
Dia. Of the beam flange 600mm
Max. rolling diameter 400mm
Heald frames 12
Cutting Leno selvedge mechanism
Power Main motor 1.5KW; let-off motor 0.25 kw
Let-off Bottom warp, outside; fuzzing warp, reduced speed motor let-off and controlled by electric sensor
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