Cam Beat Up Rapier Loom with Jacquard,Dobby & Plain

Model – PZ88


High Speed: Max Design speed is 400RPM

Special pick finding: To reduce the weft mark, Loom can find the yarn by forward slow motion in reverse direction or by motor pick finding or hydraulic pressure pick finding, which can adjust healed level time.

The loom is digitally controlled by CPU. Closed controlled electric let-off, take-up to realize constant tension weaving.

Precise electric weft selection. Adopting high speed stepper motor control electric weft selector with 8 colors. The sensitivity of all type wefts can be adjusted by single hole.

Reed Width 190cm, 210cm, 230cm, 250cm, 280cm
Speed Design Max speed 400RPM
Electric Power 2.2 Kw / 380V
Shedding Motion Plain Motion, Jacquard Motion and Electronic dobby
Take Up Electronic
Let-Off Electronic
Flange dia 600 mm
Selvage Independent Mechanical
Insertion Conjugated Cam
Find Latitude System Enclosed oil Lubrication the pick finding combination
Yarn Range Cotton 2’s-60’ chemical fiber 50D to 700D
Beat Up Conjugated Cam
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