Crank Beat Up Rapier Loom with Jacquard,Dobby & Plain

High quality machine suitable for the production of high quality fabrics of natural and synthetic yarns at low cost.

Sturdy Machine Frame and Unique drive resulting minimum maintenance.

The main parts run in anti-friction bearing.

Rigid well design beat-up gives excellent fabric.

PLC control panel. Stable weft insertion.

Versatile Fabric weaving up to 500 gsm.Unique drives give lowest maintenance.

Machine Type Flexible Rapier
Speed of Loom 220 r/min (Max Mechanical Speed)
Weft Insertion Up to 400 Mts/Min
Shedding Positive Cam Type Dobby or Upper Tappet Motion
Take Up And Left Off Positive Take Up synchronized with Let Off Ensure Uniform Tension From Full to empty Beam
Weft yarn Counts 20 Den To 3000 Den
Motor 1.5 KW Electromagnetic Brake Motor
Sequence of picks PLC Programmable Pick Sequence Up To 6 Colors
Lubrication Centralized Lubrication Pump System
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