Air Jet Looms

Speed – 1250 rpm (190cm. Width) with minimum vibration
Weft insertion: Single electric drum, 2, 4, 6-color exchange electric drum and weft Insertion by main nozzle, sub nozzle, stretch nozzle, and short pitch sub nozzles. Solenoid weft cutter, which can be adjusted from panel.

Nominal reed space: 140 cm, 150 cm, 170 cm, 190 cm, 210 cm, 230 cm,250 cm, 280 cm, 340 cm, 360 cm, 390 cm

Shedding: negative cam, positive cam, crank, dobby, electric shedding, jacquard, CPU micro processors unit for controlling all systems of loom.

Selvage: left/right rotary full-leno selvage device. Operator can set patterns, dwell and shed crossing time. Option for double beam attachment & driven by servo motor. Super start-up motor, with speed control by inverter and monitoring system.

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