Premier water jet loom is suitable for high twisted, heavy-density, high quality fabrics weaving, include Curtain, table cloth, umbrella cloth, vestee, home textile fabrics and all kinds of heavy fabrics which made of the POY, FTY, twisted yarn, spandex covered yarn from 20 D to 1800 D.

Premier high-speed water jet loom with mechanical let-off and take-up or electronic let-off and take-up. The buyer can choose any system as per their requestment.

Improved design Nozzles & Electronic feeder gives steady weft Insertion

Company engineer researched the Japanese machine’s beating –up motion system and design the better system, not only operating high speed and smooth, but also the axis is rigid. It can ensure the fabrics do not have filling bar.

Premier high speed water jet loom still adopt the protector for the read, Japanese machine has already removed the protector for saving the cost. If without protector, the reed will be damaged quickly.

Premier company try our best to produce the high speed water jet loom with perfect cost performance & always keep improving!

Technical Specification

Particulars Specification of water Jet Looms
Reed Width In CM 150, 170, 190, 210,230,260,280
Electric Power (KW) 1.5 Kw, 150 Cm to 190 Cm, 2.8 Kw, 210 Cm to 280Cm
Water Adsorption Fan Non-Powered (On right Side)
Control Panel Brand: Xinlio
Feeder Electronics (Zhenyu)
Yearn Gripper Electronic
Reed Holder Stainless Steel
Slider Holder Stainless Steel
CVT Shimpo (Japan)
Nozzle Model: (2 pc) MDH (60*20)
Plunger Model: 39*28 (1 pc) MDH
Pump Spring Model: 150*10 (1 pc) MDH
Shedding Crank type plain tappet, cam shedding motion (Nippon Cam)
Take-off Mechnical
Take-off Mechnical (Zero MAX)