High quality machine suitable for the production of high quality fabrics of natural and synthetic yarns at low cost. Sturdy Machine Frame and Unique drive resulting minimum maintenance. The main parts run in anti-friction bearing. Rigid well design beat-up gives excellent fabric. PLC control panel. Stable weft insertion.

Versatile Fabric weaving up to 500 gsm.Unique drives give lowest maintenance.

Technical Specification

Speed Design max speed 400RPM
Reed Width 150cm, 190cm,210cm,230cm,250cm,280cm
Shedding Cam/Tappet/ Dobby/ Jacquard Electronic
Power Electric Power 2.2 ~ 2.6 Kw
Shedding Motion Plain motion, Electronic Jacquard 2688 Hook and electronic dobby 1408 Hook
Take Up Electronic servo
Let-off Continuous Servo Electronic
Pick Finder Automatic
Flange Dia 600 mm
Selvage Independent Mechanical
Density 40-20 weft/cm
Yarn Range Cotton 2’s-60’ Chemical 50D to 700D
Beat up Conjugated cam
Weft selection 6 color Mechanical / Electronic